Hi all! I originally started this website about two years ago to accomplish two goals: 1) To start and run a blog on worldbuilding and 2) To showcase and advertise my talents as a freelance writer on Upwork. However, my freelancing efforts have left me with little time to dedicate to this site, so it has largely languished over the last two years or so.

At one point, I was going to develop my own RPG system and publish it on this site. That’s not canceled, but it has been shoved to the back of the shelf. Instead, I am going to start publishing some Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventures through the SRD License that Wizards of the Coast has developed. I’m going to see how that goes and, maybe do my own system later. If I can ever find the time.

So, be aware that that is in the works! Check back often to stay abreast!

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